Services — We pride ourselves in offering individual support that goes above and beyond the classroom environment.


Private tutoring

2019 rates
Grades 5 - 10 $60 per one hour of tutoring
Grades 11 - 12 (VCE & IB) $70 per one hour of tutoring
Small group tutoring Available upon request

We offer one-on-one and small group tutoring for all high school years and abilities. Our tutors work together with students, parents and class teachers to identify points of improvement and tailor individual sessions to each student's needs.

Whether it's revising concepts taught in class, assisting in homework problems or using practice questions to improve performance under timed conditions, our tutors help their students improve weaknesses and reinforce strengths. We focus on encouragement, clear communication and learning techniques that we know work for high school students, allowing each individual to achieve their potential within a subject.


VCE and IB holiday workshops

2019 rates
To be confirmed closer to school holidays.

From 2014-2018 our workshops were invite only for our students. Stay tuned for more information on 2019!

VCE and IB are both very rigorous programs, and need constant revision to stay on top of course material. We know that the final two years of school are very busy and it's often hard for students to find the time to stay up to date with everything. 

These sessions will be offered during school holidays and provide an excellent opportunity to revise older concepts, reinforce newer ones, and look ahead to upcoming exams. Our lecturers are excellent communicators, with unparalleled understanding of courses and years of experience in tutoring. The workshops are intensive, but our team's passion and unique, friendly approach will help every student stay on top of their game.