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Aakash I

Aakash graduated from the Australian International School in Singapore with a full IB score of 45/45 which translates to an ATAR of 99.95. He finished school with highest in the grade for biology and english. Aakash has tutored a range of students in high school in both IB and IGCSE and has an eager motivation to push his students to excel. He understands each student's strengths and weaknesses and caters his teaching to their specific needs; something that is essential to achieving top grades in school.

Elle H

Elle Hadiprodjo graduated from St Andrew’s Cathedral School in 2023 with an IB Score of 44 (99.55 ATAR). She remained dedicated and focused in her schooling career, achieving a Band 7 in Language & Literature HL, French B SL, Global Politics HL, Chemistry HL, Biology SL and Maths Analysis & Approaches SL. Elle is currently studying Medical Science at the University of Sydney, and enjoys reading, figure skating and playing the piano in her free time. During high school, Elle was house captain, which have enhanced her leadership and communication skills. Elle strives to create a positive and empowering atmosphere for her students, focusing on encouraging her students and supporting them through any areas of struggle. She aims to develop healthy study habits for her students, ensuring that they are confident in their skills through an interactive tutoring style.

Darwin J

Summer Hill
Darwin is a graduate from North Sydney Boys High School that achieved an ATAR of 99.30 and successfully received an all-rounder award for achieving Band 6 in all his HSC courses. He is currently studying Actuarial Studies at UNSW under the Co-op Scholarship Program. Darwin is a strong believer in an example-driven teaching style, making sure all the content covered in his class is digestible and easy to follow, making revision of such content a less difficult task. He also is very personable and enjoys having a more chill teaching environment, allowing students to ask questions or advice about anything school-related or even external from school, as he aims to be viewed as a senior/mentor figure rather than just a tutor.

Chirag M

Chirag graduated from Girraween Selective High School in 2023. Throughout his high school career as a diligent, charismatic and hardworking individual, he has achieved notable feats academically, including 93/100 for HSC Chemistry (accelerated) and First in HSC Mathematics Advanced in Year 11 and Year 12. In addition, he has achieved numerous other achievements outside of academics, such as that of the Prospect Citizenship Award by Hugh McDermott MP and School Principal Award from Year 7 to 12 (including the highest level of Magna Cum Laude). As a mentor, Chirag ensures students are not only supported academically, but also holistically by offering advice and guidance on any issues the student may be encountering including test nervousness and stress. This ensures the student is supported and best equipped beyond just academics to excel in their studies and future endeavours.

Sofia C

Sofia completed her International Baccalaureate Diploma in May 2023 with a final score of 43, including 7s in HL Biology, HL Mathematics AI and SL French B and a total of 3 core points. This gave her a raw ATAR of 99.25. Additionally, she has a DELF B2 French language qualification. This year, she is undertaking the Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Laws double degree at the University of Sydney. Sofia is very passionate about helping people, so she will always put everything she has into her lessons to ensure that they're not only enjoyed by the students but also taught in a fashion that allows her students to get the most out of the experience.

Liam W

Liam graduated from Trinity Grammar School and is studying Medical Science at USYD. Whilst at school, he achieved Dux of English Literature HL, Dux of French Ab Initio, Sports Exercise and Health Science HL and a Year 12 Proficiency Prize (Runner-Up to the Dux). Liam was also a School Vice-Captain, Gold Duke of Ed recipient, and State Grand Finalist for The Law Society of NSW Mock Trial competition. In his free time, he enjoys playing Fifa, golf, or watching Breaking Bad. As an IB tutor, Liam strives to help his students discover their personal study 'hack', that can be applied across their studies.

Argyri K

Croydon Park
Argyri is a tutor with a year's experience, graduating from Homebush Boys' High School in 2022. Finishing school with an ATAR of 99.2, achieving band 6s and E4s in his top ten performing units, and as dux of his year, Argyri is currently studying Arts/Law at the University of Sydney, with the Arts Major in Political Economy. His tutoring style focuses on providing effective studying strategies, while also ensuring students can enjoy themselves along the way. Clear communication, honesty and a positive attitude are key creeds of his work that he aims to showcase with each of his students.

Annie L

Annie graduated year 12 with a 98.90 ATAR. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics (Honours) at UNSW. Annie is more than willing to offer both online and in-person tutoring, tailored to students' specific needs and academic abilities. This approach allows students to significantly enhance their academic results, thus opening up numerous career opportunities for the future. At the beginning of her year 12 journey, Annie struggled immensely in managing content-heavy subjects like Maths Extension 2, resulting in her assessment mark being among the lowest in the class. However, she made it her mission to grasp the subject's contents thoroughly and improve her assessment results to at least 80%. Annie finished year 12 with Band 6 results in all her subjects, including Maths Extension 2. Annie is more than happy to provide not only valuable study methods but also high-quality resources.

Rachel Z

Rachel graduated from Hornsby Girls High School (NSW) in 2021 with an ATAR of 98.25. She teaches both the NSW and VCE curriculum. She received high band sixes in both Maths Advanced (ranked 3rd internally) and Maths Extension 1 and has had 2+ years of experience with online tutoring, teaching 50+ students from all over Australia, including NSW and Victoria. Rachel has a genuine passion for seeing her students succeed and conducts lessons by making sure all students are comfortable and enjoying the session. Her students would describe her as a very passionate, enthusiastic and devoted maths tutor who is very patient in clarifying and simplifying difficult concepts. Her lesson structures often start with a short revision quiz, content, and then is followed by questions where the student gets the opportunity to apply the content they've learnt to exam- style questions. With her supportive and encouraging teaching approach, she strives to help her students spark their interest in maths and achieve the best possible results they can!

Maya S

Maya graduated from St Cuthbert's College in Auckland, New Zealand, completing the IBDP and scoring a 41/45. Maya scored 7 in HL Economics, SL Chemistry, SL AI Mathematics, and SL History. In HL Economics, Maya attained a 7 on Papers 1, 2 and 3 and was awarded the NZQA Scholarship in Economics (a national advanced subject examination.) Maya competed in the New Zealand Monetary Policy Challenge to further expand her understanding of economic theory. Maya scored a 6 for HL English Literature, having received a perfect 30/30 for her Paper 2 and 36/40 for her oral IA. In History, Maya achieved 7 for Papers 1 and 2. For AI SL Mathematics, Maya also scored 7 for Paper 1 and Paper 2. Lastly, in Chemistry, Maya scored 6 on Paper 1 and then 7 on Paper 2, Paper 3, and her IA. Maya is passionate about her subjects and will ensure that her students foster strong understandings of key concepts, develop productive study habits and perfect their examination skills.

Kelsey O

Kelsey is an undergraduate mechanical engineering student with the co-op scholarship program at the University of New South Wales. She works part time as a supply chain engineer and has over 4 years of tutoring experience. She was awarded the North Shore Medal in 2021 by Felicity Wilson, was school captain in year 12 and excelled across both mathematics and humanities. She enjoys live music, bouldering and art. She has experience working with students from selective, private and public schools as well as students with a learning disability. She is patient, passionate about what she teaches and dedicated to her students.

Mila B

Mila has loved languages since she was young thanks to her multicultural upbringing having lived overseas in Italy and having come from an Australian/Brazilian background. She completed her year 12 studies at Ascham School in Sydney in 2015 with an atar of 96.85. She has loved languages since she lived overseas and completed HSC Italian in year 11 as an accelerated student with a mark of 94. She also received a 92 in French and a 90 in French Extension. She completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne (2016-2018), majoring in Spanish & Latin American Studies and minoring in Development studies with a high distinction average. Mila lived in Modena in the north of Italy for three years as a child with no prior knowledge of the language and attended the local Italian high school. While she was learning Italian, she had to also learn Spanish - in Italian - as it was part of the curriculum. While it was a challenging experience, it is one Mila is forever grateful for. She’s been tutoring since 2015 and loves to do it because it combines her two passions: languages and interacting with people. Mila is a dedicated tutor who like to maintain a good rapport with students and parents. Mila takes immense pride in the successes of her students – big or small.

Sherelle C

Sherelle completed high school at Manly Selective Campus and subsequently graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Sydney with a PhD in Medicine. She achieved a 90 in HSC biology and Distinctions and High Distinctions in 1st year university biology and subsequent related subjects (animal anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, genetics and immunology). Sherelle has several years of tutoring experience and taylors her sessions to the individual learning style of each student. She is passionate about helping her students understand concepts and creating a fun and positive learning environment where questions are encouraged and mistakes are just part of the learning process. She passes on her exam tips and tricks to ensure that her students go into their exams feeling confident.

Tanvi B

Tanvi graduated from Dr.Pillai Global Academy with an IB diploma in 2022. She received a 6 in English HL and a 6 in Economics SL. Tanvi appreciates being communicative with her students, and adapts her teaching to best support them.

Zoe Z

Zoe Zheng graduated from Blakehurst High School in 2021 with an ATAR of 86. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Education at UNSW. She tutors in English, Chinese and Maths after receiving raw scores of 83, 98 and 89 in HSC. Zoe thinks that students working in an equal and warm learning environment is essential while enjoying the subject taught.
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