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Toni H

July 25
Posted on
We have loved for years the excellent tutorial support and care. We highly recommend this company to anyone.

Debbi V

July 24
Posted on
Apex Tutoring has been amazing for our son. Our tutor has been flexible with how often we need her and is very knowledgeable.

Melissa K

July 24
Posted on
Very happy with Apex for my two sons aged 13 and 16. The serve is flexible and have been matched with a great and friendly tutor.

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Each application is reviewed. Then, students are matched with a tutor based on their individual needs.
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Once the tutor has confirmed their availability, they will get in contact with you to organise a session.
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Have your session at your desired location. Our tutors will work around your schedule to organise a session.
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Benefits of In-person tutoring
with Apex tuition australia

Apex tutors will provide you with individual and tailored support in the space you prefer so that you can maximise your potenital in school
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Convenience - we come to you!

The first and foremost benefit of in-person tutoring is the unparalleled convenience it offers. Forget about the technical glitches, unstable internet connections, and distractions that come with online tutoring. With in-person tutoring, we bring the educational experience directly to you, be it at your home, a nearby library, or any other location that you're comfortable with. This eliminates the stress and time-waste of commuting, allowing you to focus solely on enhancing your skills and understanding.

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Tutoring experience is optimised in-person

Studies indicate that around 65% of people are visual learners, meaning they understand and retain information best when they can see it demonstrated in front of them. In-person tutoring provides a tactile, hands-on learning environment that can be tailored to fit various learning styles, be they visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. The immediacy of feedback and clarification in a face-to-face setting is unmatched, often leading to faster assimilation of knowledge and better performance in exams.

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Stronger relationships leads to better experience

The interactive nature of in-person tutoring fosters a more personal connection between the tutor and student. This close-knit relationship builds a strong foundation for open communication, enabling the student to feel more comfortable discussing their academic struggles or asking questions. Additionally, these interactions can be hugely beneficial for young students. At Apex, our tutors not only teach the subjects but also service as good role models having been highly succesful (average tutor ATAR of 99.00). Over time, this rapport often results in improved academic performance as the student feels more motivated and supported, rather than just being another face on a digital screen.

Why Choose Apex Tuition Australia

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Best tutors in the state with median ATAR of 99.00

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All tutors are verified and have a WWCC

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Tutoring options for in-person and online

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No lock-in contracts and payments managed online

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Online management and payment saves time and hassle

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tutoring arrangements

There is only one choice for your Tutoring Partner

Tutoring marketplaces
Independent tutors
Tutors are vetted, confirmed high-achievers and have a verified WWCC
Online, in-person and group tutoring available
Tutors available for all subjects, all ages and all locations
Flexibility to try new tutors and organise replacement tutors
1st session satisfaction guarantee
Easy to manage online payments
Dedicated management team focussed on organise your tutoring

see what our clients are Telling us

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I highly recommend Louis as a tutor for Chemistry and Maths! He has been instrumental in helping Daniel understand complex concepts and formulas in both subjects. Thanks to Louis's patient and engaging teaching style, Daniel has improved his grades and his confidence in tackling challenging problems.

Mother of Daniel, class of 2022
Profile of one of our customers, Cath

Jasper has been incredible for Finn! He has made a tremendous impact on Finn's academic performance and self-confidence. Thanks to Jasper's personalized approach and dedication, Finn has improved both his grades and his attitude towards learning.

Mother of Finn, class of 2022
Profile of one of our customers, Asheema

Mia had always found Maths difficult so for her final year of school we contacted Apex to organise a tutor for us. Mia was paired with Alex. Alex and Mia would organise everything together finding times that would work for both of them. Alex was always punctual and helpful. Mia was very grateful to have Alex help her through Year 12.

Father of Finn, class of 2022
Profile of one of our customers, Michael

Max was a great tutor who really cared about me as a student. As someone who really found Maths difficult I really appreciated the time that Max took to explain concepts to me in a way that I could understand. At times he as more of a very smart friend than a tutor. Ultimately, he helped me achieved the score in Maths that I needed to get into my University course.

Student, class of 2021
Profile of one of our customers, Phoebe

During her final year of school, Sam decided to get a tutor. Apex were able to organise a fantastic tutor for us on such short notice. Everything was organised within a few days. Emma provided Sam with valuable insights on how to best excel in her final exams. I highly recommend Apex Tuition Australia to any parent seeking extra help for their children.

Mother of Sam , class of 2021
Profile of one of our customers, Lauren

Rian did much better in mathematics and, for sure, getting a tutor from Apex was was a big part of that. Francesco and Rain got along straight away. He respected him, and looked forward to the sessions. Francesco was patient with Rian and always had the knowledge needed to help Rian improve. I will definitely continue to use Apex for our future tutoring needs.

Mother of Rian , class of 2021
Profile of one of our customers, Sarah
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