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Amelia graduated from MLC School Burwood in 2021. In school, she achieved awards for academic achievement in psychology and visual arts as well as a perfect score of 45 in the International Baccalaureate Diploma (99.95 ATAR). She achieved the top score of 7 in HL English Literature, SL Biology, HL Psychology and SL Mathematics (applications and interpretations), all of which she has a passion for and is excited to share with her students. Amelia has been awarded the Chancellors Merit Scholarship at the University of Tasmania where she is studying a Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science with a major in Marine Biology.
Jasper completed his IB achieving the highest score of 45 (ATAR 99.95), obtaining perfect scores in HL Literature, SL Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches, HL Psychology, HL Economics, SL Physics and SL Spanish B. Throughout high school, Jasper had been involved in an array of extracurricular activities, ranging from sports such as basketball, soccer, and tennis to clubs such as chess club and debating. As of recent, he has been awarded the prestigious Chancellor’s Scholarship at Melbourne University, where, in 2022, he will begin his Commerce degree, with the intention of later progressing into his postgraduate offer in Law. Jasper is a passionate and enthusiastic tutor, who strives to foster didactic environments in order to bring out the best in all his students. He comes prepared with an array of multi-disciplinary knowledge and maintains a genuine passion to cater to his students’ individual learning styles in order to relay this information in the most effective manner possible.
Asher completed the IB Diploma Program in November 2022, graduating from Kristin School in New Zealand. He was a student who maintained consistent focus on his academics during high school, achieving a 45 (99.95) with an A in Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. During his diploma years, Asher participated in a range of physics competitions, competing at a national level, as well as spending time maintaining other interests such as piano performance and leadership within his school. Asher aims to grow a close connection with those he tutors so that each session can be productive, effective and fun.
Faria completed her IB diploma at Presbyterian Ladies' College in 2022 with a perfect IB score of 45/45 (99.95 ATAR, IBAS 45.75), as a school dux and PLC's 2022 IB Sir John MacFarland Scholar. She achieved 7s in all her subjects (HL Biology, HL Latin, HL English Literature, SL History, SL Chemistry and SL Maths AA), and achieved a high A in Theory of Knowledge. A recipient of the Sir John Monash Scholarship for Distinction, she is studying Medicine at Monash University. During school she held a number of leadership roles, such as House Vice Captain, Student Leadership Team and Wind Symphony Leader, and was involved in an array of extracurricular activities ranging from music ensembles and sporting teams to academic interschool competitions as part of the school's Gifted and Extension program. These experiences have primed her to strive to make meaningful connections with other students and target their particular goals to address weaknesses and develop confidence. Using her familiarity with the IB as a recent graduate, Faria is passionate about assisting students to reach their full academic potential.
Vince achieved a perfect score of IB 45 (ATAR 99.95 equivalent), graduating from Queensland Academies for Health Sciences in 2021 as the Dux runner-up of his cohort. Having been awarded the Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship, he is a current pre-medicine student studying a Bachelor of Medical Science at Griffith University. He has a deep understanding of the IB syllabus and is highly skilled and passionate in the subjects he tutors. Vince’s tutoring style is very adaptable and can change to best suit the student’s learning style and educational needs. Vince will go to great lengths to ensure that the student's academic needs and concerns are met.
Olive graduated from Presbyterian Ladies’ College Perth in 2022 with a perfect IB score of 45/45 (99.95 ATAR equivalent). She achieved the highest IB score in Western Australia and was awarded IB Dux of her school. She undertook Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL, Chemistry HL, Literature A HL, French SL, History SL, and Physics SL, all of which she gained a deep appreciation and passion for through the diploma program. Olive takes a student-orientated approach to tutoring, tailoring tutelage to each individual’s needs. Olive is passionate about helping students to reach their potential, and facilitating the most stress-free and rewarding IB journey possible. Olive has been awarded the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Mathematics and Statistics. During her school experience, Olive balanced broad extracurricular commitments with her academic pursuits, and she is passionate about helping students to attain a well-rounded education through effective time management strategies, and to have time to relax and enjoy themselves!

Oliver N.

Oli graduated as dux of Wesley College in 2022, receiving a perfect score of 45 for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Oli was chosen as a representative of the 2022 IB cohort, as he was selected to deliver the Students’ Address at the 2022 Victorian and Tasmanian IB Awards ceremony held at Federation Square. Currently, Oli is studying a Bachelor of Arts on a Chancellor’s Scholarship at Melbourne University. He is majoring in the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS), and averaging First-Class Honours. Oli has always been interested in education, writing his IB Extended Essay on student motivation theories. Currently, he is the Education Coordinator for the Melbourne Arts Students’ Society. Oli believes in a personalised approach to tutoring, focusing on giving specific attention to students’ individual strengths and weaknesses, beyond what can be achieved in a classroom.

Audrey C

Audrey completed the IB diploma at Presbyterian Ladies' College in 2020 and graduated with a score of 44 (ATAR 99.75), achieving 7's in all her subjects: Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Economics HL, Chinese SL, Literature SL and Mathematics SL. During her time at school, Audrey was heavily involved in the school community through her leadership roles of House Captain and Swimming Captain, as well as several sporting teams and volunteering work. She is now studying a Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at Monash University. Having begun tutoring in 2017, Audrey has had several years of experience, giving her the skills and ability to truly cater her tutoring to every student's individual needs. She is a passionate and dedicated tutor who makes use of all her resources in order to help her students gain the most out of their lessons, ultimately allowing them to reach their full potential.
Claire graduated from Wesley College in 2021 as the IBDP General Excellence Scholar, receiving an ATAR of 99.75. Received the highest mark of 7 in Literature HL, Theatre HL, Geography HL, Mathematic: Analysis & Approaches SL and Biology SL. Claire works hard to ensure that her students feel comfortable and understood in their academic needs, with an emphasis on creating an environment where they are able to ask questions free of judgement.

Matthew T

Matthew graduated from Ivanhoe Grammar School with an IB score of 44 (99.75 ATAR). He achieved perfect scores in French B SL, Psychology HL, Mathematics HL, Chemistry HL and Physics SL. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine/Doctor of Optometry at the University of Melbourne. During high school, he was a member of the Australian Army Cadet Corps and an assistant soccer coach. These roles have enhanced his leadership and teaching abilities, and led him to realise that teaching younger students is an especially rewarding experience. He aims to tailor his sessions to the individual needs of each of his students. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the subjects he teaches and the unique challenges posed by them.

Meghan K

Meghan graduated from the IB Program at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore in 2021. She achieved a score of 44/45 (99.75 ATAR), with perfect scores in HL Chemistry, HL Biology, HL Psychology, SL Maths AA and SL English Literature. Meghan is currently in her third year studying the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at UNSW. She has been an tutor for two years, and has adapted a personalised and flexible teaching method that is centred around the student's individual needs. Meghan greatly enjoyed her IB experience and all of the subjects she studied, and wants to help other students to also be enthusiastic about learning.
Raihanah completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) as the 2020 IB Dux of Glenunga International High School with 44/45 (99.75 ATAR) IB points, achieving 7/7 scores in Biology HL, Chemistry HL, French B SL, Mathematics SL & Psychology SL and a 33/34 grade on the Extended Essay. After having graduated from the Bachelor of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne, she is currently a Biomedicine Honours student at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. As a recent IB graduate, Raihanah is knowledgeable about the IB syllabus and passionate in aiding students to develop efficient studying strategies and solutions to their academic problems. Her participation in numerous extracurricular learning activities, including her achievement of the grand prize at the Oliphant Science Awards 2020 and finalist status at the BHP Foundation Science & Engineering Awards and Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, has instilled in her a passion for imparting knowledge to others. She is adept at explaining content in an interactive & lucid manner specifically tailored to each student's areas of concern, capabilities and learning style, as evidenced by the excellent academic improvements and satisfaction of her tutoring students.
Ingrid graduated from Methodist Ladies' College in 2021 with an IB score of 44 (ATAR of 99.75). She received a 7 in Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Psychology SL, English Literature A SL and Spanish Ab Initio, and a 6 in Mathematics AA HL, as well as an A in TOK and her English Literature EE. Ingrid is currently studying Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne, and enjoys drawing anime, reading fantasy/sci fi and playing the violin in her spare time. She aims to facilitate confidence and preparedness for exams and assessments by focusing on past paper questions and active learning strategies, while encouraging her students to explore and incorporate their interests into their work.
Kate completed the IB in 2022 at Queenwood where she was Vice Head Prefect, she achieved a final diploma score of 44.5, equating to an ATAR of 99.75. She achieved a grade 7 in English, Maths, Economics, Visual Arts, and Biology, as well as scoring 32/34 in her Visual Arts Extended Essay. Kate was one of only 25 students from across Australia to be awarded the prestigious Tuckwell scholarship at ANU. Kate is now studying a double degree at ANU in Law Honours and in Art History and Curatorship. Outside of academics, Kate plays water polo, netball, and basketball, and is passionate about a wide range of creative outlets including film and visual arts. Having recently graduated the IB, Kate is highly familiar with the syllabus and understands the needs of many students undertaking the IB currently. She is passionate about building the confidence of her students and ensuring that they feel as equipped as possible to achieve their personal best.
Christopher completed the IB Diploma in 2021 at Wesley College with a score of 44/45 (ATAR: 99.75), including a score of 7 in HL AA Maths, HL History, HL Chemistry, HL Literature, SL Physics and SL French B. He graduated with a General Excellence Scholarship and is currently completing the Bachelor of Biomedicine at Melbourne University. Christopher achieved some impressive individual scores in his subjects, scoring a 20/20 on the Maths IA and a 38/40 on the Literature Oral. Since graduating school, Christopher has gained a year of tutoring experience with both VCE and IB students, teaching a range of different subjects and students. As a tutor, Christopher prefers teaching comprehension to rote learning, and believes that the most effective way to learn is understanding the basis of concepts and how they link to prior knowledge. Christopher also has extensive knowledge of the requirements and criteria for success in the IB and VCE programs, and therefore knows how to help students achieve their goals in both courses.

Anna S

Anna completed the IB in 2021 and achieved a 43 (99.45 atar), with 7s in French (SL), Psychology (HL), AA Maths (SL) and Geography (HL). As a School Prefect at Geelong Grammar School in year 12, she is a clear communicator and loves working with others. Anna has 2 years experience of one-on-one maths tutoring, where her tutees went on to display significant improvement when examined, in addition to casual academic help for year 10s and 11s as House Captain in year 12. Anna went on a 10-week French language exchange in year 10 and is very confident with spoken French as well as written and received the Hasker prize for French in year 12. Anna did HL Maths for 5 terms, and received subject distinctions in HL Psychology, SL French and HL Geography in years 11 and 12, demonstrating her solid understanding of these subjects. Anna plans to study Law and International Relations at ANU, as well as psych and French as breadth subjects.
Asuka graduated from a selective, academic high school in Queensland and completed IB diploma. She obtained a final IB score of 43.5 (equivalent to ATAR 99.45), with a 7 in Chemistry SL, French B SL, Biology HL, and Psychology HL, as well as a 6 in English A Language and Literature SL and Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL. Asuka aims to be a friendly and approachable tutor who will help the students understand difficult concepts to the best of her ability, and also allow the students to build confidence by assisting them to gradually be able to answer challenging questions on their own.

Max B

Max completed his IB Diploma at St Leonard's College in 2021 with a score of 43 (99.45 ATAR). He was able to achieve perfect scores in Chemistry SL, Chinese SL, Math Analysis and Approaches SL, English Language and Literature HL, Economics HL and a 6 in Geography SL. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Law and Commerce at Monash University. Beyond Academics Max devotes time to his interests which include sport and playing the saxophone through participation in a number of musical ensembles. With a firm understanding of the IB course Max is able to offer a personable and structured approach to learning focussed on the needs of the student. He is keen to support students as best he can to ensure that they set up in a way that best enables them to achieve their goals and thrive academically.

Emily L

Emily is currently a Bachelor of Arts student at The University of Melbourne, and is also a graduate of the IB Diploma Programme with a score of 43 out of 45. She achieved scores of 6s and 7s in all the subjects she mentors, including HL Psychology, HL English, Spanish, and HL Business Management, and also has been working as a tutor for almost 3 years teaching students from various age groups. Emily is very passionate about helping others, and aims to not only support her students in knowledge related to a subject but also help them cultivate good study habits so that their learning experiences are enjoyable and stimulating.
Hayden has graduated from Glenunga International High School, South Australia, in 2021. With a total score of 42, Hayden has scored 7's in Maths Analysis and Approaches SL, Chinese B HL and Environmental Systems & Societies SL. He has also achieved an A for his Extended Essay. Hayden is currently studying the Bachelor of Design at Melbourne University, majoring in Urban Planning. Hayden is currently offering tutoring services for IB Chinese B, Japanese B, ESS and Psychology, and will ensure that you understand the course content required for each subject, as well as essay-writing and language acquisition skills that are crucial to make you become interested and successful in the subjects you are studying.
Luca graduated from Carey Baptist Grammar School in 2022, completing the IB Diploma programme. He obtained an IB score of 42.5, translating to an ATAR of 99.10, with tied top subject marks in Physics HL and Spanish Ab Initio. He also received subject scores of 7 in Mathematics AA SL and Biology HL. During his final year of high school, Luca partook in frequent training and competition on an international scale within his chosen sport of freestyle wrestling, giving him unique insight into how to best balance extracurricular activities with academics. Luca puts effort into making sure all of his tutoring sessions are productive, insightful and meaningful, with a key focus on conveying appreciation for whatever content he is teaching.
Sophia graduated from Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College with an ATAR of 99.10 and an IB score of 42/45. She achieved 7/7 in Mathematical Analysis and Approaches higher level, Environmental Systems and Societies and Sports, Exercise and Health Science, achieving 6/7 in her other subjects. Sophia is now studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science, majoring in Pre-medicine. She aims to help each student by figuring out how an individual's mind works to ensure she can help a diverse range of students. Sophia believes that there are always many ways to approach both learning and teaching.

Lachlan P

Lachie is a recent graduate of the University of Melbourne, having attained his BA in 2022, graduating with First-Class honours. During 2023 Lachie spent the year teaching English in the province of Soria in Spain, and looks forward to starting the Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne in 2024. Having spent 6 months in Spain as well as undertaking 5 years of formal academic training, Lachie is passionate and knowledgeable about the Spanish language and culture, and wants to see his students grow in both their language proficiency and appreciation for hispanic culture. Lachie graduated Wesley College in 2019, where he achieved a total score of 41 in the IB program, with perfect scores in Chemistry, Economics and Spanish ab initio.
Nick graduated from Wesley College (St Kilda Rd), where he achieved a 41 on the IB diploma. Nick achieved sevens in three subjects, English Lang and Lit (HL), Geography (HL), and Spanish Ab Initio, achieving scores of 85, 85, and 94 respectively, duxing in Spanish and Geography. Additionally, Nick achieved high 6's in Mathematics AA (SL), Economics (HL) and Chemistry (SL), with scores of 70, 70, and 68. Nick has an extremely proactive and engaging learning style which ensures his students will enjoy his sessions and achieve their highest academic potential. Thus, Nick not only promises an extremely high standard of knowledge, but also an extremely engaging session which his students are sure to be content with.
Rosie graduated from Wesley College in 2020 with an ATAR of 98.05 (IB 40), achieving a perfect score in SL Mathematics and SL Chemistry, along with an A in both her Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge essay. She is currently studying design at Melbourne University as a Kwong Lee Dow Scholar, aspiring to master in architectural engineering. Apart from her academics, Rosie led as Community and Wellbeing Prefect and was an integral member of Wesley's co curricular mentoring networks and musical programs. Her experience mentoring international learning in residence students has helped her develop a student-orientated tutoring style that flexibly adapts to the mentee's own pace and progress. Having sat the Nov 2020 examination sessions, Rosie is familiar with the 2020 IB curriculum updates and is adequately equipped with the knowledge to help tutor students undertaking the IB program.

Jamie T

South Yarra
Jaime graduated from the Australian International School in Singapore in 2021 and completed the IB Diploma with an ATAR of 97.9. She achieved a grade 7 in Business Management (HL), English Language and Literature (HL) and Chinese B (SL). Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, Jaime recognises the importance of having a tutor who genuinely believes in their students. She strives to create a supportive and encouraging learning environment where her students feel comfortable asking questions and can achieve their academic goals with confidence.

Lucy O

"Lucy completed the International Baccalaureate program in 2022, and achieved a score of 39/45 (97.2 ATAR equivalent). She scored a 7,7 and 6 respectively in History HL, Spanish Ab Initio SL and Psychology HL. She was also awarded the subject prize for English Language and Literature HL, Academic Colours (top 1% of students in all subjects) and Academic Prizes (top 1% in the subject) in English Language and Literature, Psychology and Spanish Ab Initio. Lucy is a passionate tutor who ensures that her students enjoy each of their sessions and feel comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes and learn. "

Rachel H

Rachel graduated from Sunway International School, Malaysia with an IB score of 40 (equivalent to 97.90 ATAR) in 2021. She achieved a 7 in Mandarin B SL, Environmental Sciences and Societies (ESS) SL, and a 6 in Biology HL, Chemistry HL, English Language and Literature HL and Maths: Analysis and Approaches SL. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine at UniMelb. During the IB, Rachel juggled her studies with creative pursuits such as piano, tap dance and service activities including volunteering in her local church and being part of the organization committee for the charity-run, 24hourracekl. As a fresh IB graduate, she understands how demanding and stressful the IB can be and wants to support those who are looking for help. She seeks to empower her students to not just study for good marks but to study because they enjoy the learning process and want to improve.
Kate completed the IB Diploma in 2022 with a score of 38, equivalent to an ATAR of 96.00. She received 7s in Business and Management and Music HL, and 6s in Maths AI and English Language and Literature. She also achieved an A grade in her Extended Essay in Music. She will commence her studies in a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Music at ANU in 2023. During her time at school, she was Music Captain and Captain of the softball team. Kate provides all of her students with encouragement and a can-do attitude, helping to bring out their abilities and confidence. She readily adapts her teaching style to best support her students and help them balance the heavy workload of the IB.
Safana completed the IB Diploma Program with a score of 38 and is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne. Safana has a passion for teaching and creates an enjoyable learning environment for her students. She approaches tutoring with patience, creativity, and positivity. With previous experience tutoring IB students, Safana's approach involves understanding the methods by which her students learn best and utilizing them to create a unique approach for each student. By using effective techniques and visual aids, she ensures that her students reach their full potential.
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