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Apex Tuition Australia provides in-person tutoring (and online) all across Carlton. We have tutors who will come to you and work around your schedule to deliver tutoring. Our tutors are supportive and engaging and want to deliver tutoring in the most convenient way possible for you.

Whether you're tackling the challenging curriculum of the VCE, navigating the rigorous standards of the IB, or building foundational knowledge in high school and primary school, our expert tutors are equipped to guide you through your educational journey. With personalised attention and customised learning strategies, we aim to empower every student to reach their full potential. We offer a flexible tutoring arrangements for students in Carlton.

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I highly recommend Louis as a tutor for Chemistry and Maths! He has been instrumental in helping Daniel understand complex concepts and formulas in both subjects. Thanks to Louis's patient and engaging teaching style, Daniel has improved his grades and his confidence in tackling challenging problems.

Mother of Daniel, class of 2022
Parent profile picture testimonial

Jasper has been incredible for Finn! He has made a tremendous impact on Finn's academic performance and self-confidence. Thanks to Jasper's personalized approach and dedication, Finn has improved both his grades and his attitude towards learning.

Mother of Finn, class of 2022
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Mia had always found Maths difficult so for her final year of school we contacted Apex to organise a tutor for us. Mia was paired with Alex. Alex and Mia would organise everything together finding times that would work for both of them. Alex was always punctual and helpful. Mia was very grateful to have Alex help her through Year 12.

Father of Finn, class of 2022
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Max was a great tutor who really cared about me as a student. As someone who really found Maths difficult I really appreciated the time that Max took to explain concepts to me in a way that I could understand. At times he as more of a very smart friend than a tutor. Ultimately, he helped me achieved the score in Maths that I needed to get into my University course.

Student, class of 2021
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During her final year of school, Sam decided to get a tutor. Apex were able to organise a fantastic tutor for us on such short notice. Everything was organised within a few days. Emma provided Sam with valuable insights on how to best excel in her final exams. I highly recommend Apex Tuition Australia to any parent seeking extra help for their children.

Mother of Sam , class of 2021
Parent profile picture testimonial

Rian did much better in mathematics and, for sure, getting a tutor from Apex was was a big part of that. Francesco and Rain got along straight away. He respected him, and looked forward to the sessions. Francesco was patient with Rian and always had the knowledge needed to help Rian improve. I will definitely continue to use Apex for our future tutoring needs.

Mother of Rian , class of 2021
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Each application is reviewed. Then, students are matched with a tutor based on their individual needs.
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Once the tutor has confirmed their availability, they will get in contact with you to organise a session.
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Have your session at your desired location. Our tutors will work around your schedule to organise a session.
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Organise Tutoring in Carlton Wherever and Whenever You Want

In-person tutoring

In-person tutoring in


  • Flexible tutoring options such as at your home or local library
  • Tutor will come to you whenever is convenient
  • Reduce the number of distractions with face-to-face one-on-one tutoring
  • Students are more focused when receiving tutoring in-person
  • Tutors and students form a bond quicker when delivering tutoring sessions in-person
Online tutoring

Online Tutoring in


  • Access to a larger number of Apex’s tutors which is not restricted by your specific location
  • Much more flexibility to arrange tutoring sessions
  • Eliminate any effort or time that is invovled with commuting
  • Tutors are all trained and equipped to deliver tutoring online with video chat and interactive whiteboards
  • Students today are all very experienced with learning online

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Why 500+ Students in Carlton Are Choosing Apex Tuition Australia

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Personalised Tutoring in Carlton From Carlton's Best Students

Our diverse team of tutors specializes in all subjects across Carlton, ensuring comprehensive educational assistance. Whether you're aiming to excel in the VCE or IB and boost your ATAR, or seeking support for high school subjects, Apex Tuition Australia has the expertise to cater to all your academic needs. Our tutors all finished within the top 3% of the state and know exactly what it takes to succeed in high school.

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Flexible Tutoring Arrangements For Famalies in Carlton

At Apex Tuition Australia, we understand that each family in Carlton has unique needs and schedules. That's why we offer flexible private tutoring options tailored to your convenience. Whether it's in the comfort of your home, at a local library, or through our interactive online platform, we adapt to what works best for you. Our aim is to provide private tutoring in the most convenient way possible, aligning with your family's preferences and requirements. We're here to arrange sessions that suit your needs, whether that involves frequent, intensive tutoring or a more relaxed, occasional learning schedule. With Apex Tuition Australia, your educational support is always personalized and flexible.

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Private Tutoring Without The Hastle in Carlton

Apex Tuition Australia offers a straightforward and convenient private tutoring experience for busy families in Carlton. Our easy-to-use online platform streamlines booking, managing lessons, and processing payments, all without the need for cash. With our supportive management team available all week and a frist session satisfaction guarantee, we make organising a private tutor super easy.

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One-to-One Mentorship Leads To Better Academic Outcomes

Our one-to-one tutoring in Carlton provides a distinct advantage over traditional classroom settings. Each student receives undivided attention, fostering an environment of focused mentorship. This personalized approach is crucial in identifying and addressing individual challenges, significantly boosting both confidence and academic performance. Studies have demonstrated that students who engage in one-to-one mentorship, on average, perform 28% better than those who do not receive such individualized attention. This statistic underscores the effectiveness of our tutoring method in driving academic success. By prioritizing a tailored learning experience, Apex Tuition Australia ensures that each student not only meets but often exceeds their academic goals.

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Apex Tuition Australia's Unique Holistic Apporach To Tutoring

Our unique approach is not just about academic results; it's about unlocking each student's true potential. Our tutors are all friendly, relatable and ambitious young people. Not only do they teach their students, but they serve as role models and provide their students the skills they need as they leave school. Our commitment extends beyond academic excellence; we focus on transforming students' attitudes towards education and instilling a lifelong passion for learning. Our tutors in Carlton work diligently to improve grades and deepen understanding, helping students to recognize and harness their capabilities. This approach fosters newfound confidence and a positive outlook on school and learning.

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Online, in-person and group tutoring available
Tutors available for all subjects, all ages and all locations
Flexibility to try new tutors and organise replacement tutors
1st session satisfaction guarantee
Easy to manage online payments
Dedicated management team focussed on organise your tutoring

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