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Mother of Daniel, 2022
I highly recommend Louis (Apex tutor) as a tutor for Chemistry and Maths! He has been instrumental in helping Daniel understand complex concepts and formulas in both subjects. Thanks to Louis's patient and engaging teaching style, Daniel has improved his grades and his confidence in tackling challenging problems.


Mother of Finn, 2022
Jasper (tutor from Apex) has been incredible for Finn! He has made a tremendous impact on Finn's academic performance and self-confidence. Thanks to Jasper's personalized approach and dedication, Finn has improved both his grades and his attitude towards learning.


Mother of Chloe, 2022
Maddy started tutoring Chloe half way through Year 7. Chloe was struggling with her confidence in maths and really disliked the subject. With Maddy’s calm and engaging manner, she was able to connect with Chloe, and really shift her capability and confidence. She is an excellent tutor, the booking and payment system with Apex is great and the team genuinely care and follow up with families. Highly recommended.


Father of Mia, 2021
Mia had always found Maths difficult so for her final year of school we contacted Apex to organise a tutor for us. Mia was paired with Alex. Alex and Mia would organise everything together finding times that would work for both of them. Alex was always punctual and helpful. Mia was very grateful to have Alex help her through Year 12.


Student, 2021
There are so many good things to say about Max. He was a great tutor who really cared about me as a student. As someone who really found Maths difficult I really appreciated the time that Max took to explain concepts to me in a way that I could understand. He was able to get me through my two years of IB with moral and educational support. At times he as more of a very smart friend than a tutor. Ultimately, he helped me achieved the score in Maths that I needed to get into my University course.


Father of Rian, 2021
Rian did much better in mathematics and, for sure, getting a tutor from Apex Tuition Australia was was a big part of that. Francesco and Rain got along straight away. He respected him, and looked forward to the sessions. Francesco was patient with Rian and always had the knowledge needed to help Rian improve. I will definitely continue to use Apex Tuition Australia for any more of our future tutoring needs.


Student, 2020
Sandhya was a fantastic tutor. Not only could she answer every single inquiry to perfection (coming up with countless ways to explain the problems) but she genuinely cared for my well-being. She was not only a great tutor but also a great friend which made me even more comfortable asking for help when I needed to. She was able to respond on the spot to questions relating to any subject even when I only specifically had her for Maths and Chemistry help. She is an absolute gem and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to complete the course without her.


Student, 2020
I started getting help from Timothy for Math and Chem SL after getting 4’s on my mid year exams in yr 11. Right from the beginning, Tim was easy to get along with, understanding, and able to explain difficult concepts in a way that I could understand and remember. He also went out of his way to answer any questions I had about my IA’s which proved to be incredibly helpful. After starting with Tim, my grades picked up quickly, and I’m proud to have finished the IBDP with a 7 in chem and 6 in math! I have no doubt that without Tim’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to turn my grades around. Thank you!!!


Mother of Sam, 2019
During her final year of school, Sam decided to get a tutor. Apex Tuition Australia were able to organise a fantastic tutor for us on such short notice. Everything was organised within a few days. Emma provided Sam with valuable insights on how to best excel in her final exams. Emma was polite, intelligent and easy to work with. I highly recommend Apex Tuition Australia to any parent seeking extra help for their children.


Father of Jordi, 2019
Jordi immensely benefitted from the assistance of James. From the beginning James had established a very strong relationship. James was always on time and always was willing to help Jordi with homework, assignments and exam study. With the assistance and guidance of James Jordi was able to excel in his studies. In the end, both the subjects that Jordi received tutoring he achieved the top mark 7/7.

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